Frog Wife ryan heshka

Ryan Heshka

For its fourth edition, the international contemporary art fair Urvanity has teamed up with Canadian artist Ryan Heshka and our urban clothing brand to create an unusual capsule collection for exclusive sale.

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Heroine or villain? The first URVANITY and Tiwel clothing collection will fill your wardrobe with Ryan Heshka’s capsule. The best ‘Streetwear’ in ‘arty’ mode

His work is inspired by his passion for comic books, pulp magazines, b-movies, his interior design studies and his curiosity for nature and human beings. The images chosen for this capsule collection represent a mixture of all these influences. This collection brings together fantastic characters inspired in pop surrealism with a touch of humour and with a visual language inspired in the comics of the 1950s, B movies, classic cinema or science fiction, so characteristic of Heshka’s imaginary. His creations revolve around themes such as the tension between the natural and the world created by humans, fears and the changing roles in modern society.

Women are a central figure in Ryan’s work

The woman, always key and powerful in his designs, will be present in this collection represented by ‘Frog Wife‘, the protagonist of his latest book published a year ago and who will reign on the streets. “I admire women because they are powerful, they continue to overcome obstacles every day and fight to change things that still don’t work today“, he said recently. In this collection we find several of his best-known female characters.

Other iconic protagonists from the most disturbing dreams such as Meatball will also be present in the collection with four pieces -two models of T-shirts, a sweatshirt and a short-sleeved shirt-, made in organic cotton and manufactured in Portugal. The images chosen for this collection made in collaboration with Urvanity represent the imaginary of Heshka and the urban, casual attitude, deeply linked to art and the different creative expressions of Tiwel. Don’t miss out on your numbered limited edition by Ryan Heshka, up to 230 units.

“The Golden and Silver Age romance comics have been the influence for ‘Frog Wife’ and now this collection,” explains the artist. He adds: “Especially the early EC romance comics from the 1950s. I had fun flirting with that genre”.

About Ryan Heshka

A regular illustrator for Vanity Fair, Playboy, Esquire and The New York Times, Ryan Heshka (Manitoba, Canada, 1970) has made a name for himself at the top of the world of illustration and comics. His aesthetic pays homage to the golden years of the “American Way of Life” and then deconstructs it and makes it his own. His 1940s-style femme fatales – impeccable in their pencil skirts, with hair perms and cigarettes with cigarette holders as the perfect complement – take over his work, empowering themselves and becoming the nightmare of the men around them.

Ryan Heshka spent most of his childhood painting, building cardboard cities and making Super 8 movies. He has published several comic books, the most recent being ‘Frog Wife‘. Previously he also published ‘Fatales‘ (Cernunnos Publishing), a monograph compiling his artistic career from 2004 to 2016. More recent is ‘El club de las chicas malas: Amanecer en rosa‘ (Autsider).

A creative obsessive, Heshka‘s work has appeared in international magazines, book covers, as well as hung on the walls of galleries around the world. Today Ryan lives in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) with his wife and daughter.