Boa Mistura

Collaborating with Boa is synonymous with connection, it is a collective with whom we connect directly in their way of seeing life. The success we had in the SS19 campaign had to be repeated. We present the new artistic expression of our dear friends BOA MISTURA. The talented group of creators who carry out a wonderful task of social inclusion around the world, thanks to urban art on walls and large buildings. A pleasure for us to work with them.

They are fascinated by the impact that a word and a precise colour can have on people. They play with large, overlapping typefaces, generating abstract landscapes and geometry in vibrant colours that exude optimism. For this autumn-winter they have compiled some of their favourite concepts and colours to create this new collection.

The theme proposed for this edition is “El Azar“. A work in itself is born of chance, of the randomness of the encounters and misencounters generated by the superposition of the seven letters of the word DESTINY. It is random but it is also the geometric representation of synthesis. That synthesis is AZAR. And destiny is none other than “the gala relative of AZAR“.


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boa mistura artist letters
boa mistura tiwel fashion clothing

For spring-summer, Tiwel was inspired by exotic landscapes, presenting a fresher and wilder collection. Llamas, birds and tropical fruits intermingle with geometric elements and motivational messages.

This collection pays homage to those trips around the world. The collection will transport you to these works in the Caribbean, Mexico, India and Africa. A gift for the senses for lovers of urban art used as a wonderful tool to help people in need of illusion.

Free soul, adventurous spirit and a bold outlook are the Tiwel DNA for this season.

Boa Mistura around the world.

This team of urban artists born in Madrid at the end of 2001 manages to transform the urban landscape of communities all over the world. They extract the essence of each place and turn it into a unique proposal that mobilises a neighbourhood and its residents.

They understand their work as a tool to transform the street and create links between people. They feel a responsibility to the city and to the present time.

The colour and exuberance of the Caribbean, the strength of Mexico, the mysticism of the East, the heart of Africa… Travel is implicit in our work. Each region we have worked in has left its mark on us. We look for inspiration wherever we go, and the place dictates the way we work. In this way our work coexists in harmony with the environment. That is why we wanted to transfer to this collection the mark left by some of the most inspiring places where we have had the good fortune to work.

boa mistura tiwel clothing

They paint neighborhoods and cities, they paint places anchored to places. The works do not go in a van to their studio, they go with their weapons to any corner of the world to paint and flood it with colors.

It is tired and sacrificed, yes. But everything is compensated each time they lift the anchor. They look for inspiration wherever they go, they let the place dictate the way they work so that their work coexists in harmony with the environment.

They wanted to transfer that mark to this summer collection by designing unique garments and a special commemorative label.

Each design has a different identity, as does each of their works. Like every place on the planet.

boa mistura mexico


From the first time they set foot in Mexico, they were captivated by the vital way in which the Mexican people face death. Death must be celebrated as part of life. There would be no life without death and, in Mexico, death is venerated, sung, toasted and painted in bright colors. That unbreakable duality is what we wanted to represent.

boa mistura caribe


The Caribbean is exuberance. Life overflows in its small insular territories; the color of its birds, the leafyness of its jungles, the savage and tribal of its music, the joy and savagery of its people, the sensuality of its fruits, etc. The Caribbean has always given us a breath of life and freshness to our work. Roses from Bayahibe, the Dominican Mamei or a bird of paradise are the elements with which we wanted to represent that region to which we like to return once and again.

boa mistura inspiracion trips


Asia is sobriety, mysticism and inspiration. In India, they spent hours listening to stories about the deities of Hinduism, about reincarnations, about the power of the Tiger. In China, they were captivated by the stories in which rivers become emperors or the legends of the Fenghuang, the phoenix that reigns over the rest of the birds. With this evocative imagination, there is no need to use the language of color. A single black ink is enough to represent the magic and mysticism of this part of the world.

boa mistura africa


Africa was the continent that changed their lives. There, they were aware of how art has a great transforming power, of the responsibility they have as street artists and how changes, however small, are the seed of larger ones. In Africa, you feel the true pulse of the world. Africa is a vibrant place, a land of warriors capable of maintaining firmness and positivity even in the most adverse conditions. They wanted to pay tribute to all those “mashujaas” (heroes, in Swahili) who have so inspired their work.