Coté Escrivá



Industrial design, animation, photography and illustration are some of the fields in which Escrivá has moved throughout his career. His illustrations are drawn as ‘old school cartoons’, street art or comic books styled, that can be hybrid creations, between artistic and mainstream commercial, which leads to a personal style that impacts the viewer, with a disturbing feeling of familiarity.

We like to be close things that are happening now related to culture, music, and of course design and arts. Art-Toys is another filed that our artist Escrivá has developed a great passion allowing himself to immerse into this world.

Aautumn-winter collection of 2016 we collaborated with Cote Escrivá, who delivered us his vision and his universe, in a campaign where we wanted to surprise our clients, with a very striking style defined by the Lowbrow trend, the classic American cartoons, the surf, and the tattoo culture

Risky garments with special designs are part of Tiwel’s many different branchs, and the work of Escrivá was fundamental for the brand, since he is specialised on having all these microworlds in his work, he was able to translate it into all the garments that were  perfectly integrated into the same identity. This is Tiwel, as diverse as the people.

His work is modern, street, current, that connects with young people reflecting the things he likes. It aims to reach people, allowing his work to be recognisable, and not leaving anyone indifferent. Always absorbing.

Coté is the contemporary perversion of icons and, in reality, he is wandering between graphic and plastic creator with an acid vision of reality and an immediate connection.

"Contemporary iconic perversion"