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Tiwel likes to merge into the culture scene and blend with those who shape it, by collaborating each season with artists from different disciplines of design that bring us their vision and their universe. Their core and creativity are transformed into unique and iconic garments. This relationship with the authors have accompanied us since the brand’s begginings building along the way our trademark which makes us unique.

Artwork Tiwel x Maguma


Marcos Guardiola Martín (Madrid, 1977), better known by the pseudonym MaGuMa, is a multidisciplinary, exploratory, multifaceted and versatile artist. The images speak. They tell us things directly. Without beating around the bush. To communicate with images is to bring objects together. To take them out of their context. And so, to create a visual cocktail that provokes the fascination of having found a treasure […]


Artwork Tiwel x Consume Design

Consume Design

Consume Design is the art and design studio of Nolan Fleming. Embracing the aesthetic of permanent traditional tattoos and transitory vintage ephemera, he attempts to imbue his work with a modern twist on retro nostalgia. Based in Austin, Texas, his work often has a western flair, but for this collection he ventured to tackle some mythological tall tales as inspiration. […]


Tiwel by Bene Rohlmann

Bene Rohlmann

German illustrator and artist, a regular contributor to Berlin’s attractive graphic scene. In terms of illustration, attention to detail and perfect finish, his drawings have a handmade, almost vector quality. He is one of those few artists who still manage to have a universe of his own to offer original and very graphic works […]



Sergio Mora

Sergio Mora (Barcelona, 1975), also known as MAGICOMORA, is a painter, illustrator, drawer and a regular collaborator of the different Tiwel collections, having participated in the last two spring-summer collections, with fun, striking and very recognisable garments. And we continue to hallucinate with Sergio’s kaleidoscopic world […]


marco oggian artwork tiwel

Marco Oggian

Special edition created by the artist Marco Oggian. Born in 1990 in Venice and currently living in Spain, this artist uses sarcasm, simple shapes and bright colors to highlight critical, controversial and social issues such as discrimination and racism […]




Born and raised in Jakarta (Indonesia), his origins and passions are constantly reflected in his art and now captured in a different collection. Music, the audiovisual world of surfing and skateboarding from the 80s and 90s continue to be his source of inspiration.



David Sánchez

The autumn-winter season is kicking off and at Tiwel we continue our commitment to art in a new capsule designed by David Sánchez (Madrid, 1977), an illustrator who has become a benchmark in Spain and internationally. The collection is inspired by his comics, resulting in a combination of styles that represents both the way of being and the image of the artist and the young and carefree spirit of the brand of the pawn […]



Boa Mistura

Collaborating with Boa is synonymous with connection. A collective with which we connect directly in their way of seeing life. The success we had in the SS19 campaign had to be repeated. We present the new artistic expression of our dear friends BOA MISTURA. The talented group of creators who carry out a wonderful task of social inclusion around the world, from urban art on walls and large buildings. A pleasure for us to work with them.


ryan heshka frog wife tiwel

Ryan Heshka

For the celebration of the 4th edition, Urvanity, the international contemporary art fair, has teamed up with Canadian artist Ryan Heshka and urban clothing brand Tiwel to create a most unusual capsule collection for exclusive sale. Heshka’s work is inspired by his passion for comic books, pulp magazines, b-movies, his interior design studies and his curiosity about nature and humans. The images chosen for this capsule collection represent a crossroads between all these influences […]


Tiwel by Alexandre Nart artwork

Alexandre Nart

Born in Bourdeux and based in Paris, Nart is an art director, illustrator and graphic animator. His pieces are characterised by a retro style and a touch of humour. Inspired by 80’s cartoons, he has an engaging energy […]


yeye weller artwork tiwel clothes

Yeye Weller

The style of this artist and illustrator from Munster (Germany) is characterised by a touch of humour, bright colour combinations and a clean and pure graphic design. His funny/weird characters are an essential part of his amazing universe. His cartoonish style of colourful illustration depicts a range of characters – some human, some animal and some numerical, but what they all have in common is a vibrant, almost garish colour palette that is guaranteed to grab the viewers’ attention […]



Erre Gálvez

Raúl Gálvez, better known as Erre Gálvez, is a multidisciplinary designer who creates stories with old magazines, abandoned books, typographies and found objects. His aim is to bring forgotten objects back to life by saving pieces, cutting them out, combining them, drawing with them a new world with old protagonists. He is passionate about typography and ink […]



María Diamantes

María Diamantes is a graphic design and illustration studio, where its heart, head and hands are led by Clara Mercader, an artist and designer based in Barcelona. Her projects are delicate, colourful, minimalist and warm, all presented by a central element: the synthesis of shapes and colours. A reduced palette and clean silhouettes are her most recognisable characteristics […]



Diego Cusano

We presented the first two capsules designed by Diego Cusano, for the spring-summer 2018 collection and, after the good reception by the public, we repeat again in 2019. During the most summery seasons, Diego exploits his creativity to come up with fun designs that we capture in our special capsules. The most everyday elements are reinvented and […]


Tiwel by Alex Yanes

Alex Yanes

Alex Yanes is a painter and sculptor in two parts. His work, clearly recognisable by its vibrant and colourful style, is inspired by his Cuban family roots, his hometown Miami and the skate culture. His art is brought to life through his powerful wooden productions and intricate detailing.




The autumn-winter with Tiwel is special and we are pleased to present the exclusive collaboration with the illustrations and design of the Brosmind capsule. This prestigious creative studio represents the universe of the Mingarro brothers, Juan and Alejandro, who at an early age were already drawing comics, building vehicles for their action figures, and building their own action figures […]



Antonyo Marest

The work of Antonyo Marest (Alicante, 1987) is like biting into a piece of the Mediterranean. A journey of textures, weaves and geometric shapes. Tiwel printed his patterns on some of his garments from the Spring-Summer 2017 collection and it will break all your schemes […]



Coté Escrivá

Industrial design, animation, photography and illustration are some of Coté Escrivá’s disciplines during his career. His illustrations draw from the ‘cartoon old school’, street art or the comic universe, hybrid creations, between the artistic and the commercial, giving life to a unique style […]